Rooftop Farming in the Winter

annie novak, eagle street rooftop farm, wilder quarterly, winter rooftop farming, nyc urban farms

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Wilder Quarterly, a new Brooklyn-based magazine aimed at modern growers and gardeners working in odd spaces (i.e. cities). The magazine’s publisher reached out to be to share a few of their latest stories on Inhabitat, and I gladly accepted as soon as I saw that they did a feature on one of my latest obsessions: rooftop farming. But what intrigued me most was that this story was for their winter issue — and winter isn’t exactly a lush and fertile time for farming anywhere, let alone on a wind-strapped warehouse roof in Brooklyn. Written by Eagle Street Rooftop Farm manager Annie Novak, the story in Wilder shares the ins and outs of wintery rooftop farming, while beautifully reflecting on the cyclical nature of life. You can read more about Annie’s experiences here.


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